Created in Vienna in April 1990, the European Pet Organization (EPO) is the European organization protecting and promoting the interests of the European pet industry.

Its members -national pet trade associations in Europe - collaborate in order to promote best practices among the industry and responsible pet ownership as well as to strengthen their position on European and other international issues.


The European Pet Organization (EPO) is a coalition of parties interested in protecting and promoting the interests of the European pet industry. 

EPO members: 

•  Promote responsible pet ownership and recognise the social and health benefits of keeping pets; 

•  Promote best practices in the keeping of animals by observing the five welfare needs: diet, accommodation; wellbeing; sociability; behaviour; 

•  Believe that keeping pets promotes an understanding and appreciation of nature, biodiversity and conservation; 

•  Believe that pet-related businesses are responsible for the professional care and transfer of ownership of pets, and should promote best practice amongst the pet industry; 

•  Believe that all those involved in the pet trade should abide by all current legislation regarding the trade, ownership and keeping of animals, and reject all illegal practices; 

•  Use the latest scientific and empirical knowledge in providing advice about the keeping of animals; 

•  Do not support the release of pet animals into the wild; 

•  Believe that all those professionally responsible for handling animals should be appropriately trained and have a comprehensive understanding of the animals’ welfare needs and the respective legal obligations; 

•  Ensure dissemination of relevant information regarding the trading and keeping of animals within the sector; and, 

• Strive for good collaboration and exchange of information amongst its members, within the pet sector, and with government.


European Pet Organization (EPO)

Postbus (box) 94

3800 AB Amersfoort

The Netherlands

Our team:

Secretary General:
Nathalie Gamain
Svein A. Fosså 
Norbert Holthenrich
Vice President:
Olivier Dominikowski
Vice President:
Andreas Popper
Vice President:
Gerrit Hofstra
The Netherlands