EPO, OFI, OATA and PIJAC take a joint position towards the CITES initiative on marine ornamentals

The global ornamental aquatic Industry- represented by EPO, OFI, OATA and PIJAC- is eager to support the recently agreed CITES initiative on the conservation of and trade in marine ornamental fish.

We can help to provide the provision of good quality, up-to-date baseline data that is not currently available. This will help ensure effective and well-considered solutions to support a long-term and sustainable future for the industry.

We are concerned that this valuable opportunity could be lost if the process is hurried as is being suggested. We could not support this as it risks poorly considered outcomes that do not deliver truly sustainable conservation solutions.

We believe that, as the global authority on fisheries management, United Nations FAO should be integral to delivery of this initiative.

A copy of the open letter to the CITES Secretariat is available here